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Hemp World Store is a one-stop website where customers can find a variety of CBD products from a range of distinguished companies.

Who We Are?

Working with top-quality companies from around the world, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a resourceful and accessible website. Making it easier than ever to find the CBD products that you need.

Hemp World Store was born out of the need for convenience. It can be both time-consuming and overwhelming, searching for the perfect product to fit into your lifestyle.

And, as CBD users ourselves, we know too well how saturated the market is becoming, and because of this, it is harder than ever to distinguish good quality products from the bad.

That’s why we want to do the hard work for you.

We have partnered with some renowned companies from around the world to supply you with only the best products on the market. On our website, you can find a myriad of high-quality and diverse products, that can be conveniently bought together.

our goals

Our Goals

Emboldened by our passion for CBD, we aim to provide customers with a premium service. To us this means affordability, diverse choice, and premium quality products. All of this can be easily found on our site. So whether you are searching for products based on potency, type, or brand, you won’t have far to browse.

Part of our ethos is not only filtering out the poorly made CBD products, but making CBD easily available to customers who don’t have the time to research quality companies.

Education is also important to us, so If you are looking for more general information on CBD or want to know more about CBD brands, you can even read through a variety of articles on our site.

Our Mission

At Hemp World Store we believe in delivering a first-class experience and industry-leading customer care.

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We think that everyone should have access to quality, reliable, and safe CBD products.
With dozens of different product types, Hemp World Store offers the ultimate CBD variety.
We want products to be affordable for all customers. Shop our extensive collection and browse various price points to find a product that works for you.
We ensure that every brand we partner with supplies high-quality CBD products for our customers.
Meet Our Team

At Hemp World Store we believe in fair opportunity for all and this is reflected in our incredible work force. Our team is made up of experienced professionals, who are all passionate about their line of work. Helping to reinforce our positive work ethic.

Orla Walsh

Orla Walsh

Head of Sales
Steven Parker

Steven Parker

Marketing Director
Eva Smith

Eva Smith

Content Writer
Lena Garcia

Lena Garcia

HR & Finance Manager
Hugo Burton

Hugo Burton

Sales Adviser
Sai Patel

Sai Patel

Brand Consultant
Madison Davis

Madison Davis

Project Manager
James Mosse

James Mosse

Content Writer
Wish to Join the Team?

We strive to create a growth culture both on business and personal level everyone involved

Why Choose Hemp World

Quality Control

We want to make poorly made and dangerous CBD products a thing of the past. That’s why we make sure that every company we work with supplies ethically sourced and safe products. And, you can check this for yourself. On our site, you can find lab reports for every product.

Making CBD discovery simple

Finding good quality products shouldn’t feel like a challenge, which is why we’ve created a one-stop online space where you can find an extensive range of CBD products. From oils to bath bombs, convenience is our word of the hour.

Education First

We want to supply quality information, not only about the products we sell but the brands we are working with too. That’s why you’ll find various brand reviews on the site, helping you to make informed decisions about the products that you invest in.

Passionate about Progress

We are excited to be apart of the CBD revolution. This means spreading a positive yet informational message about not only cannabidiol but hemp. So whether you are a CBD novice or expert learn more on our site.