Here at Hemp World Store, we have built this site with one specific purpose in mind: to provide a dependable and trustworthy resource that catalogs the safest, most potent, and most effective CBD oils for sale on the market.


We are a team of biologists, teachers, and web designers with a vast collective experience in the cannabis marketplace. Over the last couple of years, however, one thing has become glaringly evident to all of us involved in the industry: it is becoming incredibly difficult for average customers like you to find good, safe, reliable CBD oil for sale online.

As such, we have combined our years of experience and collective knowledge to catalog what we believe to be the finest products currently available on the market. Each and every one of us uses CBD for some ailment or another almost every day of our lives, and we have firsthand experience with each brand reviewed (and trust us, we’ve tried A LOT of different CBD brands over the years…)


The brands that we feature and review here on our site are brands that – in our experience – have provided the best therapeutic effects and the best overall value for our money. Moreover, we have made sure that each and every company listed is operating under federal regulations that make their CBD oils safe and legal to use all over the country.

Trying to make sense out of all the “CBD terminology” out there in the market is incredibly frustrating – particularly for those of you who are totally new to the world of therapeutic cannabis. How is one able to tell the difference between a hemp oil and a CBD hemp oil? Or a CBD oil and a hempseed oil? Is there even any difference at all?

In short, many companies out there right now are advertising and selling “CBD hemp oils” that have been made from the seeds of the hemp plant. While these products can be advantageous on a nutritional level, the reality is that since they are pressed from seeds, they contain virtually zero therapeutic CBD.

“True” CBD oils, on the other hand – like the ones reviewed here on our site – are extracted from the leaves, flowers, stems, and stalk of plants that have been genetically bred to contain high amounts of active CBD.


As an unknowing customer, it can be virtually impossible to tell the difference between products that have been made from seeds, and products that have been made from actual, high-quality plant material. And considering that regulations on the industry are all but non-existent at the moment, there are virtually no standards in place to stop these “scam” companies from labeling their oils as “CBD,” when in fact they contain practically none of the active compound.

Lastly, I think it’s worth pointing out that here at Hemp World Store, we all have full-time jobs outside of the cannabis industry. As such, we are not in this to make money. Rather, we are in this to try and help/educate people like you so that you are able to make a safe, honest, and altogether productive selection when it comes to finding the right CBD oil for your needs.

Happy CBD shopping, and of course – feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions at all about the products contained herein, or about hemp/CBD/cannabis in general!

(Be advised, however, that none of us are health professionals, and as such, we are unable to offer any advice on dosing, treatment plans, etc).

Hemp World Store, 2019