CBD Oil Side Effects: Are They Concerning?

CBD Oil Side Effects: Are They Concerning?

There are a few CBD oil side effects that may impact how and when you use it. Adverse reactions include dizziness, a drop in blood pressure, and diarrhea. Studies show that CBD oil can interfere with liver function if you are using prescription medication. It neutralizes the CP450 system. As a result, there is a possibility that using extremely high amounts of CBD can result in liver toxicity. Otherwise, the known side effects of CBD are mild. Reduce your intake if you feel any adverse effects. Discontinue use if these problems persist.

If you are considering taking CBD, or cannabidiol, it is essential to learn more about it. The notion that there are no side effects of CBD oil is one of many myths surrounding the cannabinoid. Although CBD has an excellent safety profile, according to the World Health Organization, there is always a chance that you won’t react well to it.

There are no known reports of toxicity from the use of CBD oil. As long as it comes from a reputable brand that uses organic hemp, most side effects are relatively mild. Even so, it is crucial to know that they exist, so you don’t panic if they happen to you. Here’s a quick look at potential adverse effects when using cannabidiol.

CBD Oil Benefits and Side Effects

The first thing to consider is this: Do the CBD oil benefits you experience outweigh the downsides? Contrary to what you may have read, there are a few adverse side effects of CBD oil. In the main, the potential issues are relatively innocuous and include:

  • Dizziness: A few people report feeling lightheaded or dizzy after using CBD oil. It is a rare occurrence, and most users feel better after consuming a caffeinated beverage. In this situation, it is also advisable to hydrate yourself.
  • Falling Blood Pressure: CBD’s relationship with blood pressure is ambiguous. A sudden drop in blood pressure could result in dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and lack of concentration.
  • Dry Mouth: This is a fairly common side effect amongst those who use cannabinoids in general. It is a sensation akin to feeling like there are cotton balls in the mouth. Once again, hydration can help alleviate the issue.

More Adverse Effects

Aside from the issues mentioned above, there are a few other possible problems associated with cannabidiol.

CBD Oil Side Effects on the Liver

Those taking a pharmaceutical drug that impacts certain enzymes found in the liver must take special care when using CBD oil. CBD seems to impede the activity of the cytochrome P450 enzyme system. This system metabolizes drugs designed for human consumption. If taken in high amounts, the cannabidiol may neutralize the CP450 enzyme’s activity. The CP450 system contains up to 50 enzymes that process and remove toxins.

According to experts, however, research into CBD’s impact on the liver is still in its infancy.

CBD Oil Side Effects Headache

There are instances where CBD users claim it caused headaches. This is a possible result of a sudden fall in blood pressure, which may cause dizziness. You are far more likely to get a headache from cannabidiol if you buy it from a dubious source. Such companies may add processed carrier oils with contaminants or pollutants, or use chemicals and pesticides when growing the hemp.

CBD Oil Side Effects Diarrhea

Another side effect that affects some users is diarrhea. This unfortunate issue usually only occurs when someone uses a very high amount of CBD. While this typically isn’t a life-threatening problem, it can be exceedingly painful and uncomfortable. If it happens to you, lower the amount you are consuming to see if the condition abates. If this still doesn’t help cease taking CBD immediately and contact your GP or doctor.

CBD Oil for Sleep – Side Effects

Some users of CBD oil report feeling sleepy and tired for 2-6 hours after use. This fatigue is often unwelcome and frustrating during the day. As a result, an increasing number of people consume it before going to bed.

Can You Overdose on CBD Oil?

One of the most concerning CBD oil side effects is an overdose; if it was likely. In 1988, Judge Francis Young said you would need to consume approximately 1,500 pounds of cannabis in 15 minutes to induce a lethal response. In contrast, eating ten raw potatoes is enough to have a toxic effect on the body!

At the time of writing, there is no proof that anyone has ever died from a marijuana overdose. It is the same situation with CBD. There are no clearly defined scientific limits to suggest a likely amount that causes a CBD oil overdose.

As there are no precise amounts to recommend in general, the best course of action is to start with a low amount and see how the body reacts.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil Side Effects

While there are potentially harmful side effects of CBD oil, they mainly happen when you consume far too much. Side effects of CBD oil may include diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and a drop in blood pressure. It is also essential to discuss CBD use with your physician if you are currently using a prescription drug. There is a chance that it will interact with the CBD and negatively impact the liver.

CBD Oil Side Effects

What Are the Side Effects of CBD Oil?

Although CBD is usually well-tolerated, everyone is different. You may experience side effects such as fatigue, decreased appetite, sleepiness, vomiting, and abnormal results on liver function tests. Other factors could cause adverse effects. For example, you may find that interaction between CBD oil and an existing medication is responsible for any side effects you feel.

What is CBD Oil Good For?

CBD oil is used for a variety of reasons. Many users find that it helps them manage day-to-day life, promote a positive lifestyle, and support their fitness routines. If you are considering purchasing a CBD product, it is essential to buy consciously. Many companies are producing sub-standard products online, and they are potentially harmful to consume.

Why Does Weed Give You Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth is a potential symptom whether you use marijuana or CBD only. Cannabinoids act on the cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) found in the body. There are also receptors located in the submandibular glands under the bottom of the mouth. These glands are responsible for producing around 75% of our saliva.

When cannabinoids such as THC and CBD bind to the CB receptors, the glands no longer get messages from the peripheral nervous system. The result is a significant reduction in saliva and a dry mouth. Also, cannabinoids bind to receptor sites in the brain, which also decreases saliva production.


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