Hempura CBD Review [2019 Update]

Hempura CBD Review [2019 Update]
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What a year 2018 has been for the CBD industry, with more countries than ever opening up their doors to the possibilities of both cannabis and CBD, it seems that the demand for this beneficial cannabinoid is at an all-time high! Whether you are looking to use CBD for a particular purpose or simply want to explore what all the fuss is about for yourself, it can be a challenge to find a good quality CBD product that is exactly as advertised.

As CBD booms across the United Kingdom and the rest of the world, there are more conflicting pieces of information floating around the web, so we love a brand that is all about scientifically backed data and good quality, accurate information. Hempura is one such brand that offers top-quality products, along with a host of free and valuable information.

If you are on the hunt for a good quality CBD brand that you can rely on, Hempura may be the one for you – it’s great for beginners thanks to their extensive Knowledge Centre. Today we are going to be doing a full updated 2019 review on this up and coming brand.

Who Are Hempura?



Established in 2017, Hempura is very much in their infancy when it comes to the CBD market. However, in the short space of time that they have been up and running, they have become one of the leading UK-based organizations offering CBD products.

Their ethos is all about knowledge, quality, and safety, and they certainly offer this in abundance. Just a quick look around their website will put the concerned patient at ease, as you are given free access to a range of articles, guidance, and helpful tips that are scientifically backed.

But what about quality? Something Hempura is fiercely passionate about is offering high-quality products, and as such, they are one of just a few organizations that are registered with the Cannabis Trades Association for the UK. Their high-quality extraction process using supercritical CO2, amongst other processes such as winterization, filtration and more, means that you know you are only getting the purest and safest produce.

Still not convinced? We get it – most of us have been burned by the false claims of a seemingly reputable CBD brand, but Hempura steps things up to the next level with their lab testing. You can check the quality of every product you purchase by typing in the batch number into their website’s lab report system. Find out exactly where your CBD has been before it gets to your door, giving you 100% confidence.

Hempura CBD Products 2019

Hempura CBD Products 2019

Despite their infancy, Hempura has a pretty great range of CBD products, allowing lots of freedom for patients to choose their own consumption method. They have gone for a high-end approach, with packaging boasting an extravagant exterior that looks a little more discreet and stylish compared too many of your typical CBD brands.

Many of Hempura’s products are vegan and gluten-free, and all appear to be cruelty-free. The brand is keen to stay away from artificial ingredients wherever possible, offering organic products across their range. So for those patients who don’t particularly enjoy artificially flavored products, you may prefer this brand.

Let’s Take a Look at What CBD Products Hempura Offer…

CBD Oil Full-Spectrum

One of their more popular products, Hempura’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil boasts zero CBD isolate, and is both vegan and gluten-free. With less than 0.5% THC, this product comes in three strengths, all of which are packaged in 10ml bottles:

250mg – £19.99
500mg – £36.99
1000mg – £64.99

CBD Oil Broad-Spectrum
Containing no THC at all, Hempura also offers a broad-spectrum CBD oil, still benefiting from the organic properties of other cannabinoids and again offering the same three strengths at the same price, in 10ml bottles.

250mg – £19.99
500mg – £36.99
1000mg – £64.99

CBD Capsules
You can purchase raw hemp CBD capsules; each box comes with thirty capsules of full-spectrum 300mg CBD. Each capsule has 10mg of CBD in it, and they are vegetarian-friendly! For a box of thirty capsules, you are looking at £19.99 – but be quick, these sell out fast!

CBD Chocolates
Following in the same footsteps as many other CBD brands, Hempura has brought out a range of CBD chocolates. However, unlike many competitors, they have stayed away from artificial ingredients, so the CBD can undoubtedly be tasted in these chocolates.

The brand’s entire chocolate range is broad-spectrum CBD white chocolate, with each box containing twenty chocolates. They contain zero THC, and melt slowly under the tongue. You can choose from three strengths:

200mg (10mg CBD per chocolate) – £19.99
500mg (25mg CBD per chocolate) – £36.99
1000mg (50mg CBD per chocolate) – £64.99

CBD Vape Liquid
With citrus-flavored terpenes, the Hempura CBD vape liquid is a pretty popular option for those who are looking for a healthier alternative to smoking. Winterized, filtered, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free, this is as close to a natural vape liquid as you can get – we love it!

Available in two strengths, and both in 10ml bottles, you can choose from:

250mg (2.5%) Broad Spectrum CBD Vape Liquid (1.25mg CBD per drop) – £19.99
500mg (5%) Broad Spectrum CBD Vape Liquid (2.5mg CBD per drop) – £36.99

Where Can You Get Hempura CBD Products?

Even though Hempura hasn’t been around for too long, they are pretty easy to get your hands on. The London based company ship almost everywhere, and you can check for your country on their website. However, they are also available on some other sites such as CBD-world-online and UK retailer Urbanistic who stock a range of brands.

With fast shipping, they are both reliable, and the website is pretty easy to navigate.

What Do the Reviews Say About Hempura?

One huge stand-out thing about Hempura is that their reviews are incredibly positive. Trustpilot shows the brand to have five stars, and just a glance through their reviews shows that not only do they have a lot of customer praise, but they also respond to any negativity professionally and always offer refunds or advice.

Final Thoughts on Hempura CBD

There is indeed a lot to celebrate with this new CBD brand. They have already made waves in the UK CBD market, which is a lot less advanced than the U.S. one. We do appreciate that they have some way to go, but so far, the brand has impressed a lot of CBD users out there.

We cannot fault their dedication to transparency and high quality, which is something that will attract a lot of patients. Let us know in the comments if you have tried any of Hempura’s products; we would love to know your thoughts.

Want to learn more about Hempura and their wide range of products, visit them at www.hempura.co.uk


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