PlusCBDOil Review [Coupon Code]

Plus CBD oil Review [coupon code]
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PlusCBDoil are a company truly committed to discovering all of hemps hidden capabilities. And by that, we mean, they have invested plenty of both time and money into CBD research. Their reasoning behind this? So, that they can use science-based research to develop effective CBD products. And eventually, share those products with their loyal customers.

It sounds like an honorable ethos, but what kind of CBD processes are they using and how effective does it make their oil? Let’s take a look at the company’s plethora of CBD products and investigate!

About PlusCBDOil

While PlusCBDOil’s initial passion is selling their wide variety of CBD products, they are equally passionate about education, and that’s not just limited to CBD. As well as promoting a range of information dedicated to the world of CBD, in the form of blogs, articles, videos and more, the company remains incredibly open about their own team of people and what you should expect from the company itself. All of this information can be found on their main website.

What is clear is their dedication to CBD, so much so that they have coined the term ‘CBD Evolution’, to describe the gradual discovery of all the possible effects the plant may have. Because of this plethora of advice and research, the website seems appealing to both newcomers and experienced CBD users alike.

PlusCBDOil: Highlights

Here are a few of the reasons this company seems to have such a dedicated customer following;

  • Money-saving deals: The website offers customers lots of different money-saving deals, which is a great incentive for those of us watching our pennies. They are currently offering a 10% discount on all CBD drops and sprays.
  • Information: As mentioned previously, information does not come in short supply from their website. So, if you are in the mood to watch a video explaining the future of hemp, or are interested in any CBD related events, you can easily find one.
  • Product variety: The CBD market is booming and because of that we are seeing more ways to consume CBD than ever before. PlusCBDoil has taken full advantage of that, you can find a variety of gels, concentrates, sprays, balms and more on their website.
  • Quality CBD: The company prides themselves on the quality of the CBD that they produce. In fact, they carefully monitor the entire process from ‘seed to shelf’ – as they like to call it. They follow the guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and make sure they independently test all the oils before they go on sale.
  • They sell in-store: PlusCBDOil doesn’t only sell online but in lots of stores in North America. This makes it really accessible for shoppers who don’t enjoy buying products online or simply don’t want to.

Negative Thoughts on PlusCBDOil

We have been celebrating PlusCBDoil for their range of different products but there is one area we thought could do with some improvement – edible CBD. While they do currently supply CBD Gummies, they only sell them in two different flavors and we would love more. Most customers turn to edible CBD because they are more fun to consume than a typical oil, and with other websites selling CBD chocolates, cake pops, gummy rings and more, there is definitely a demand for it.

My Personal Experience with PlusCBDOil

As a gym-goer, I am always intrigued by new CBD balms and lotions released into the market. They can be a great source of relief for sore and tired muscles, especially after long weight lifting sessions. On the PlusCBDOil website, they currently sell two different balms, the Regular and the Extra Strength variety. Intimidated by the Extra Strength balm, I decided to experiment with their traditional CBD Oil Balm and see how I got on.

Normally I would use the product about an hour after a gym visit and initially, I was extremely pleased with the results. It worked fast and dulled the uncomfortable ache I would normally feel in my biceps and hamstrings. However, I found that over the course of a few weeks, it wasn’t quite as effective. It’s difficult to say if I was simply training harder or I was becoming accustomed to the strength of the balm. But I would like to give the Extra Strength balm a try next.

PlusCBDOil Review: CBD Products

So, what exactly does the website offer its potential customers? Here we are going to take a look at some of the most popular products sold on PlusCBDOil’s website.

PlusCBDOil CBD Drops

plus cbd oil


The website sells two different types of CBD oil, the CBD Oil Drops, and the CBD Oil Drops Raw. Both are made from agricultural hemp, which is grown using non-GMO crops. The regular CBD drops come in 3 tasty flavors; Natural, Peppermint, and Goji Blueberry. While the Raw Drops can be purchased in both Natural and Peppermint.

PlusCBDOil CBD Balm

cbd oil plus


PlusCBDoil Balm has become one of the most popular products on the website. The ease in which it can be applied seems to be a desirable trait. For customers who are looking for a stronger product, they can purchase the balm in ‘Extra Strength’, which is currently on sale for $46.76.

PlusCBDOil CBD Gummies

cbd plus


If you want to consume your CBD in a more delicious way, then you have the option of CBD gummies, sold in both Cherry Mango and Citrus Punch flavor. They can also be purchased in two different quantities; the 30 capsule count and the 60 count. And the good news is that they still contain the top-quality CBD oil found in the other products, but these are much more fun to use!

PlusCBDoil Review: Costs

  • PlusCBDoil Drops
    CBD Oil Raw Drops – From $22.95
    CBD Oil Drops – From $41.95
  • PlusCBDoil Spray
    CBD Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) – From $22.95
  • PlusCBDoil Balm
    CBD Oil Balm (50mg) 1.3oz – $35.95
    CBD Oil Balm Extra Strength (100mg) 1.3oz – $51.95
  • PlusCBDoil Capsules
    CBD Softgels raw (5mg) – From $26.96
    Softgels Gold Formula (15mg) – From $17.96
    CBD Oil Capsules (10mg) – From $29.95
    CBD Oil Capsules (15mg) – From $69.95
  • PlusCBDoil Oral Applicators
    Total Plant Complex Oral Applicators – From $26.95
    Gold Formula Oral Applicators – From $42.95
  • PlusCBDoil Gummies
    CBD Oil Gummies Cherry Mango (5mg) – From $39.95
    CBD Oil Gummies Citrus Punch (5mg) – From $39.95

PlusCBDOil Review: The Final Verdict

With a professional and well-established website, the exterior of PlusCBDoil is very appealing. As a customer, it is easy to find lots of general information about CBD and the products themselves. In terms of the CBD oil itself, the company makes sure it is rigorously tested, both from their own lab and an independent lab. And considering the rave reviews, we can assume the oil has been very well received by the customer. Overall, it appears to be a well-rounded company, that’s worth a visit if you have any interest in CBD.


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