This review looks at one of Green Roads’ strongest CBD oils – their 1000 mg concentration. It is certainly high strength, but will it prove to be equally high quality?


· High concentration of CBD.
· Each drop contains around 1.66MG of CBD.
· High strength means could help a wider variety of conditions.
· Formulated in the US by a pharmacist with 20+ years’ experience.
· Quality tested by third-party scientists.

What conditions could this CBD oil be used to help?

According to the Green Roads website, their CBD oil can be used to help any condition that could at least be partly caused by a Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD). This refers to when your endocannabinoid system is out of balance. Green Roads claim this includes headaches, inflammation, chronic pain, and other more serious conditions.

There is evidence to suggest that CBD can be used to help an ever-growing list of problems. As well as the ones mentioned above, CBD could have the potential to help with seizures, diabetes, depression, Crohn’s disease, ALS and much more. This oil is of a high concentration so it should be suitable to use to help any condition which CBD could potentially benefit.

If you are unsure as to whether CBD can be used to help your condition, please carry out some research before purchasing a CBD product. There is a lot of great, in-depth information freely available online. Please be wary of any company that claims CBD is a miracle cure for all problems. It is not. You should also bear in mind that CBD will not completely cure disorders but help with controlling symptoms.

Who are Green Roads?

Green Roads are an American company who are on a mission to improve the lives of those who are currently suffering; they want to offer an alternative to people with debilitating conditions. If you have a medical condition and are sick and tired of chemical compound based treatments, Green Roads are here for you. They offer natural, safe, and effective alternative treatment options.

Within the CBD world, Green Roads have quite rightly built a reputation as one of the best companies around. They have over one million online customers and supply over 5,000 retail stores with their products. Their success has been built on a hard-working and honest approach. If there are any extra steps they can take when producing their CBD products, they take them, even if it costs them more money.

A great example of this is their extraction process. Green Roads use the most expensive extraction method on their hemp seeds: The CO2 method. It may cost more, but the result is a superior product, with 99% pure CBD crystal gained. They then pay for the most experienced pharmacists around to formulate their product, with 20+ years’ experience. Once the product is finished, they have it quality checked by a third party laboratory and then make the lab’s findings freely available on their website, proving their products are exactly as good as they claim them to be.

Green Roads offer a wide range of CBD based products from CBD infused teas and coffees, to gummies and a pet-friendly range. Today we are looking at one of their strongest strength CBD oils, the 1000 mg concentration. Will it rate as high as its potency?

What is the quality of the CBD oil?

The oil comes in a dark brown bottle with a sleek and clear label. Dark colored bottles are always preferable, as it helps protect the oil from potential sun damage. The label clearly states everything you need to know about the oil, its ingredients, and how to take it. The bottle top has a dropper attached, which you can use to take the recommended dosage of two drops.

You take the oil sublingually, meaning you squirt the drops under your tongue. I did this and then held the oil for 10 seconds before swallowing. The taste is not the greatest, but this is because of how potent the oil is. There is a definite, cucumber-like, vegetable flavor mixed in with a bitter CBD taste. When you swallow, the aftertaste is very bitter. Like I say, this bitterness is caused by the high quantity of CBD, so it is worth it for such a strong hit of CBD benefits. The label states the oil is also suitable to vape. If you do choose to vape it, you can add in the flavoring of your choice.

The actual quality of the CBD oil is doubtless. On the Green Roads website, you can see the full results of quality tests carried out by Desert Valley Testing. Desert Valley is completely independent of Green Roads, meaning they are a trustworthy source. One quick look at the laboratory test results and you can see this CBD oil is amongst the purest CBD oil available on the market. It is as pure as pure can be. Green Roads are not hiding anything with this oil, showing the confidence they have in its quality. They are right to be confident, as it is an excellent oil.

What effect does the oil have?

CBD oil taken sublingually is fast-acting, as it gets into the bloodstream quickly and I didn’t have to wait long to feel the effects. My anxiety and worries melted away and I became very relaxed. All the things which were stressing me before suddenly didn’t worry me as much. My mood felt uplifted and I remained happy for the rest of the day; it was a great feeling. Later that night, I effortlessly slipped into a deep sleep that left me feeling more refreshed the next day than I have in a long time.

I suffer from pain in my knee joints, which can make getting around troublesome. The oil made this pain almost disappear, meaning I could get around easily with no troubles. I even went for a short run and my knee pain didn’t worsen as a result, which is very rare for me.

CBD has the potential to help a lot of disorders. Research is constantly ongoing and every week seems to bring new breakthroughs and evidence of another condition that CBD could help. With its high strength, this oil would be suitable to treat any problem CBD has been found to benefit. It should be pointed out though that, due to its strength, if you suffer from a less serious disorder, you may want to experiment with a lower concentration CBD product first.

How does the price rate?

This is an expensive CBD product. A bottle will cost you $162.99 directly from the Green Roads website. For this premium price, you get a premium product. It is one of the strongest strengths of CBD oil that is available and is of the very highest quality. You should not expect high-quality CBD oil to come cheaply. It is a long and expensive process to produce the very best possible CBD, so it stands to reason that it would cost a bit of money to purchase.

With its high quality and strength, this oil could be used for so many different disorders. If you suffer from a seriously debilitating disorder like epilepsy that makes your everyday life so difficult, this oil has the potential to be life changing – surely that is worth any price. If you suffer from a less serious condition such as anxiety, for example, you would need a much smaller dose of this oil, as each drop is so much more potent. This is something to think about as it could mean you saving money in the long run.