In this review, we try out Green Roads lower strength CBD Oil, containing 250mg a bottle. This products should be perfect for beginners. The strength may be low, but is the quality high? This review finds out.


· 250mg of CBD in bottle/ 8mg per serving.
· Ideal strength for beginners to CBD.
· Formulated by a licensed pharmacist with over 20 years’ experience.
· Made in the USA.
· Suitable treatment for a wide range of medical conditions.

What medical conditions can this oil be used for?
According to the Green Roads website, their CBD oil is a good treatment for a number of symptoms including chronic pain, depression, inflammation, anxiety, headaches, and other conditions. They state that the oil will be effective for anyone whose endocannabinoid system is out of balance due to Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD).

There is scientific evidence to back up these claims, and the list of conditions that CBD oil may help is increasingly long. There is a lot of information available with regards to which conditions CBD oil can be used to treat, so if your condition is not one of those mentioned above, do a little research online.

It is important to state that this oil is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to the strength of the CBD concentration. This means it may not be suitable for more serious conditions that can be treated with CBD, such as Alzheimer’s disease or epilepsy. For example, a child who suffers from seizures would typically require 300mg of CBD for effective treatment, and this is more than is contained the entirety of this bottle.

Who are Green Roads?

Green Roads are a company with a noble purpose to inspire hope and restore happiness while healing the mind, body and soul. Their aim is to provide patients with a safe and effective alternative to the harsh chemical-compound-based treatments of prescription painkillers and over-the-counter drugs. They are doing this by producing the highest quality, pharmacist-formulated CBD treatments.

They certainly must be doing something right, because they are the manufacturers and distributors for over 5,000 retail stores and have over one million online customers. All of their treatments are made with only the highest quality cannabidiol ingredients containing 99% pure CBD isolate. Everything they produce is pharmacist formulated and subject to rigorous quality checks by the scientists over at the third party laboratory, Desert Valley Testing. Simply put, they want to provide you with effective treatment options.

Green Roads offer an incredibly wide range of CBD options, including everything from edibles and teas or coffees to pet treatments. This review is looking at the simplest of their CBD treatments: CBD oil. When assessing if a company is as good as it claims to be, a good place to start is with the basics. That is what we will be doing in this review, so let’s see how the oil holds up.

How good is the quality of the CBD oil?

The oil comes in a small and discreet bottle with clear labeling and a dropper attached to the lid, making it easy to take. The recommended dosage is one dropper, which should contain around 8 mg of CBD. The bottle recommends the oil be taken orally, but it is also suitable for vaping. If you do choose to vape it, you can mix it with a flavor of your choice. You take it orally, squeezing a few drops under your tongue, where you hold the oil for 10 seconds before swallowing. The oil is vegetable glycerine-based and you can tell from the taste, which is a very similar flavor to vegetables – almost like a cucumber. Thankfully, it is not too bad. After you swallow the oil, you get the trademark, slightly bitter CBD oil aftertaste. All in all, it’s not the best tasting CBD oil, but not the worst either. Personally, I prefer my CBD oil to be flavored, but the fact that this oil is unflavored is a nice touch if you prefer to vape your CBD oil, as then you can choose the flavor.

As for the quality of the actual CBD contained in the oil, there is no doubt it is of a very high standard. Green Roads produce all their cannabidiol oil in the United States, using a pharmacist with over 20 years’ experience to compound it. They also have all their products third-party tested, to ensure the quality and safety, and this CBD oil is no different. If you visit their website, they post the full laboratory findings for you to take a look at. This level of transparency is excellent and proves they have nothing to hide, allowing you to see exactly what is in the products you use. This signifies Green Roads are a company you can trust.

What effect does the oil have?

Shortly after consuming a measurement of the oil, the effects start to be felt. When I took it, a nice sort of lull came over me, as I started to feel relaxed. My anxiety died down, my general mood felt uplifted and I was still sharp enough mentally to function effectively. It was a very nice and pleasant sensation. These effects lasted a good couple of hours and, when it came for me to go to sleep, I immediately did so with no issues.

My knees suffer from pain in the joints, and the oil is effective in helping to combat this. The pain is not completely gone, but it is certainly less noticeable and a lot more manageable. I am able to go about my daily routine a lot easier than normal.

On top of this, the oil should also be effective against other conditions including inflammation, headaches, and more. As it has a fairly low dosage of CBD, it would not be a suitable treatment for more serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s or seizures. If you suffer from a condition such as this, we would advise you look at stronger CBD products. The relatively low amount of CBD contained makes this ideal for newcomers to CBD and those with less serious conditions. It is perfect for those looking for relaxation and treatment of conditions such as depression, headaches and anxiety.

As the CBD in the oil is derived from hemp, it contains virtually zero THC. Hemp is a plant from the cannabis family but has very low levels of THC. THC is the active ingredient in cannabis plants that give the psychoactive effects commonly known as “feeling high.” With next to no THC, there are no psychoactive, “stoned,” side effects. This also ensures the legality of the oil in every state in America.