CBD oil is quickly becoming the go-to product for people all over the world for various reasons. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana, and it has been used as a medicine for centuries. If you’re looking for a more potent alternative to the 350mg CBD oil, then the Green Roads 550 mg bottle is what you need.


Multiple use: Can be taken sublingually and/or through vaping
Flavor: Floral, rich in hemp, lightly sweet
99% pure CBD crystalline isolate
Full spectrum
Maximum potency

Medical conditions

The 550 mg CBD oil has been used by consumers suffering from anxiety, epilepsy, depression, pain, stress, lack of focus, and even addiction.

Who are Green Roads?

Green Roads are a Florida based company who produce CBD oils and other products that are designed to help you alleviate stress, chronic pain, and anxiety, among other medical issues. Starting off as a relatively small business in 2012, they have expanded rapidly within the last few years and currently have over one million end users and 5,000 wholesale clients.

The company’s mission is to offer a safe and effective alternative to prescription medication and over-the-counter drugs, which often contain harsh chemical compounds. The vision is to bring customers natural products and understand that, “There is always an alternative.”

Review of 550 mg CBD oil

The 550 mg CBD oil from Green Roads offers a higher level of CBD concentration which may be really effective in alleviating aches and pains. While it is specifically designed for sublingual use, you may also choose to use it in your vape device by mixing it with your favorite e-liquid. Similarly to the 100 mg oil, the 550 mg CBD oil is vegetable glycerin based and infused with pharmaceutical-grade CBD.

There is only one flavor, and each 15 ml bottle contains 550 mg of CBD, meaning that there is approximately 37 mg of cannabinoids per ml. The recommended serving size is two to three drops taken twice daily, although this can differ from person to person.

The 550 mg CBD oil is available to purchase from the Green Roads website for $84.99. Green Roads has some great customer feedback, too, so it seems as though the effects are well worth the cost.

Final thoughts

Green Roads are a top quality brand, with each product being certified by third-party tests from state-licensed laboratories. The 550 mg oil is great for those who are looking for something slightly more potent, but not overly so. It’s a medium dosage and is often used by consumers who suffer from stress and anxiety, depression, insomnia, and mild pain.