Green Roads is one of the leading producers of CBD infused products and claims to offer users a safe and effective alternative to prescription painkillers and over-the-counter drugs, both of which often contain harsh chemical compounds that are foreign to nature’s perfect remedies. The vision of the company is to bring natural products to consumers and convey the understanding that “there is always an alternative.”

About Green Roads

Green Roads is a leading CBD manufacturer and a distributor for over 5,000 retails stores and more than 1 million online customers. Established in Florida in 2012, their cannabis comes from 100% Organic Hemp that is produced right here in the US. The company claims to use only the highest quality grade of cannabidiol ingredients that contain 99% pure CBD isolate. Their products have been formulated by a licensed pharmacist and come in the form of oils, edibles, tinctures, and topicals.

With more than 40 products on the market and a loyal customer base, Green Roads are committed to providing top quality products, all of which have been 3rd party tested by Desert Valley Testing. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of Green Roads most popular products, and see if they live up to the hype.

Green Roads CBD Oil

Green Roads CBD Oil

With six different CBD oils to choose from, you certainly won’t be short of choices. Options range from 100 mg to 1,500 mg, with the largest naturally being the most potent (the 1,500 mg will set you back $209.99). The oil is consumed orally and most consumers say it has an almost immediate response. For the best results, you simply place 1-3 drops of the oil under the tongue and hold for about 30 seconds before swallowing.

What conditions Green Roads CBD Oil is used to treat

Green Roads is known for having great results when used to treat anxiety, pain, and depression. One particular consumer has said that after suffering from chronic pain for years, the Green Roads CBD oil worked wonders and provided significant relief within two weeks of use. Another consumer has said that they experienced pain relief within half an hour of consuming the oil. Results will differ from person to person, of course, but the oil seems to be an excellent treatment for pain.

Green Roads CBD Edibles

Green Roads CBD Edibles

Word has it that the Green Roads edibles are not only efficient, but also delicious. It is however always important to keep in mind that dosage requirements will vary depending on consumer needs. Green Roads warns on their website that the CBD Gummie Bears (which come in packages of 30) contain 10 mg of CBD per bear. But, the Max Strength CBD Froggies (which only contain three “froggies” per package) are 100 mg apiece. It’s therefore vital that you check the CBD content before placing an order.

Green Roads offers an impressive range of edibles that includes CBD candy, CBD Gummie Blocks, CBD Froggies, and CBD Lollipops. We don’t know about you, but CBD candy sounds amazing to us. The froggies that we mentioned above are on sale for $49.99 for three, which may seem excessive but keep in mind that they contain 100 mg of 30% full-spectrum CBD in each one.

What conditions Green Roads CBD edibles are used to treat

The best thing about these CBD edibles is that you can enjoy them as a snack, and you will get the same benefits that you would when consuming the oil. They work in exactly the same way as the oil and take effect reasonably fast. If you suffer from anxiety or depression (and have a sweet tooth), then this is might be a better choice for you than the sublingual oils.

Green Roads CBD capsules

Green Roads CBD capsules

According to their website, Green Roads CBD capsules have been formulated by a board-certified pharmacist who has over twenty plus years in the industry. The capsules encompass the broad spectrum CBD oil, and are consumed in one quick and easy swallow with a bit of water. Capsules are available to purchase in a quantity of 350 g, which consists of 14 capsules that each contain 25 mg of CBD ($59.99).

When compared with the brand’s full range of products, the capsules are rated at a mid-range concentration and are thus perfect for consumers who are new to the CBD world. Capsules are also the easiest and most convenient way to consume CBD, and you can easily incorporate them into your daily routine.

What conditions Green Roads CBD capsules are used to treat

Just like the previous Green Roads products that we have discussed, the capsules are great for treating anxiety, stress, and depression. The thing that stands out about the capsules is that they are easy to consume and you can carry them with you for when needed. Some people feel a little odd placing drops of oil under their tongue out in public, but swallowing a capsule is certainly discreet enough that no one will likely take notice.

How to purchase Green Roads products

You can place your orders directly on the Green Roads website, hassle-free. The site will accept most main credit cards and has confirmed that you can cancel orders and get a refund if you change your mind about the product. However, they haven’t given details on how long you have to request a refund, so we suggest that you be sure of your order before placing it.

In terms of shipping they offer a great delivery time, stating that business day orders will be fulfilled within 24 hours of placing an order. Anything ordered over the weekend will be fulfilled on the following Monday, and can take 3-5 business days to deliver. Also, orders can be shipped legally in all 50 U.S. states.

Final thoughts on Green Roads

Green Roads offers an impressive variety of products, and we haven’t even covered them all in this review. They should also be commended for using certified organic U.S. hemp that has been cultivated and processed according to the highest industry standards (most brands use relatively low quality hemp that’s imported from China or India).

With the following statement posted on their website -“we are dedicated to inspiring hope and restoring happiness, and we believe in healing from within, we believe in providing options” – this is a brand that is 100% consumer-focused and aimed at making a difference in the lives of their consumers.