Green Roads CBD is a Florida based CBD distribution company and if you haven’t heard of them, you probably should have. They act as a distributor for over 5,000 shops and reach over 1 million customers. This has made them one of the most visible CBD companies in America, which is great for the consumer and the CBD industry alike. But what’s prompted this success?

Well, they use only the best quality ingredients for their products, including a range of high-grade cannabidiol with all the natural richness of the hemp plant. And because of this, their CBD oil has become renowned in the industry for its excellence – novices they are not! Green Roads extensive range of products is proof of this success, and customers can find a variety of CBD Froggies, CBD Gummies, CBD pet oils, and much more on their website. And luckily the prices won’t break your bank, their weaker oils begin at $27 and increase up to $209 for maximum potency.

Today we are going to give you a Green Roads CBD review and talk about your burning questions; what sets them apart from any other brand and how good are the products themselves? To browse Green Roads range of products, check out the link below.

[If you want to browse Green Roads CBD products, check out their official site at]

Who are Green Roads CBD?

Green Roads are a company only satisfied by supplying customers with the very best CBD oil on the market. To accomplish this, they hire a range of experts who work hard to extract CBD from organic and non-GMO hemp plants using the CO2 extraction method. This ensures that the natural combination of cannabinoids and terpenes stay intact within the oil, which is believed to increase its effectiveness for the user.

Green Roads are also passionate about educating potential and current customers about CBD. There is a ton of information on their website about the current state of affairs for the CBD industry, and whether you need information on CBD legalities or potential conditions it can help with, Green Roads make it all very accessible. They come across as very trustworthy as they aren’t afraid to publish information about how they conduct their own business, as well as how they go about creating their oils.

Keep reading this Green Roads CBD oil review to find out about our selected company highlights!

Green Roads CBD Highlights

Reaching over 1 million customers, Green Roads are clearly doing something right. But what exactly has made them so affable to the public? We are going to look at some of the reasons for their success.

  • Great for beginners: This feels like an ideal company for customers unfamiliar with CBD. Not only is there lots of information for you to chew through but knowing that Green Roads publish their lab results can really put your mind at ease.
  • Mass range of products: Green Roads really excel at producing a mass range of CBD products, whether that be CBD creams, oils or syrups. This is a really positive sign that past customers have been extremely happy with how effective the products have been.
  • Lab results available: Unlike many companies Green Roads publicly share the lab results for all their products. You can check which cannabinoids are present in the oil and their THC and CBD levels. This has really built up a rapport with their client base, making customers feel much more comfortable in the process of buying.
  • CO2 extraction: If you know anything about producing CBD oil, you’ll know that co2 extraction is one of the best methods to use. It uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull the desired phytochemicals from the hemp plant, without any harmful solvents or toxins – creating the closest replica of the plant chemicals.
  • Strong social media presence: This company is not one to hide in the shadows. And with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, you can find them on almost any of the major social media platforms. This creates great customer transparency and their CBD superiority feels present on every site.
  • Great reviews: What we know about the quality of Green roads CBD is mostly found in the reviews on their website. And let’s face it thousands of customers can’t be wrong. Which makes us very confident, considering there are over 10,000 testimonials on their site reviewing products. It’s definitely worth reading through, if you want some reassurance.
  • Their personal mission: The company work with an organization called Mission Zero, who aid veterans suffering from PTSD and suicidal thoughts. Green Roads provide physical relief as well as education and support. It sends a great message about the ethos of their company, one which we can respect.

Negative Thoughts

There are a lot of positive things to say about Green Roads CBD oil, but here are a few issues we think they could work on. One is that, while they ship nationwide in the U.S., they don’t have worldwide shipping. For a company so large and successful it seems odd that they haven’t already expanded their potential customer pool. However, it could be because of how turbulent CBD policies can be in other countries. If they do decide to branch out, we can’t imagine it would be anything but a success.

The only other inconvenience is that shipping may take up to 7 days, which isn’t particularly quick if you are desperate to get your hands on some CBD. One way to get around this is to make sure you are organized and purchase your order before running out of your current supply.

My Personal Experience

My overall experience with Green Roads has been a positive one. Having dealt with anxiety, more specifically social anxiety, for the majority of my life, I am always on the lookout for something that could help me get through the social aspects of the day. I decided to try the Green Roads CBD Froggies 100mg, not only because they are shaped as adorable frogs, but also because I was intrigued by their CBD formula that was intended to be ‘sweet and relaxing’.

Firstly, I loved the flavor – I’ve never been a big fan of the natural CBD taste, but the fruity flavors distracted me from the fact I was consuming CBD. I definitely noticed a slight difference in myself and I felt more relaxed and confident when I left the house, even when talking to strangers throughout the day. I have to admit, the effects didn’t blow me away, but I think next time I will try a higher dosage.

Green Roads Products

Green Roads have plenty of products on offer for a myriad of different conditions and different preferences. Below are some of their most popular CBD products.




One of Green Roads best-selling collections are their range of CBD oils – where every single bottle has been formulated by their expert pharmacist of 25 years. Their dropper bottles are easy to use, especially with measurements viewable on the dropper itself. These come in 4 different potencies, 100mg, 250mg, 350mg and 550mg. And are a great option for beginners and experienced users alike. Their more potent range of CBD oils are typically intended for a more serious medicinal issues and can be consumed with a dropper. You can purchase these oils in 1000mg, 1500mg and 3500mg. All of their oils come in 30ml bottles and have been lab tested under industry standards and regulations, so you can feel safe when consuming them.


CBD Terpenes

Green Roads CBD Terpenes oil is a combination between traditional CBD oil and the tasty terpenes that you typically find in marijuana strains – without the worry of any THC. The infusion of terpenes and cannabinoids in this oil create a ‘synergy between plant and human’ and many people believe that it’s CBD in its purest form. You can purchase this oil in 4 delicious flavors; Strawberry Ak, Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel and Blueberry OG. It’s a fun way to consume your CBD and you can tailor the potency of every flavor between 100mg and 300mg. The bottles also come with a dropper making it easier than ever to consume!

CBD Daily Dose

Want something super quick and easy to use? Green Roads sell pre-filled droppers, which are perfect if you have a busy schedule. You can easily throw them in your bag and use them throughout the day. They come in 3 tasty flavors; Strawberry AK, Pineapple Express and Blueberry OG, with a 7 mg potency level. If you prefer unflavored CBD don’t worry, the website also stocks 3 natural oils and you can find them in a range of formulas; 350mg, 1000mg and 1500mg. And if you want to stock up, you can buy the 7 Day Bundle pack in the 350mg formula.

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

If CBD gummies are what you like, Green Roads sells them in boat loads. They are super tasty and easy to carry around with you for the day, especially if you desire to be more conspicuous. If you are looking to relax and de-stress the Relax Bears 300mg are a great addition to your day. To re-energize, Fruit Bites 300mg and CBD Relief Toads 400mg are just as effective. If like us, you want to try a little bit of everything the website sells, Green Roads offer a Sweet Tooth Bundle, where you can sample 7 different products!

CBD Froggies

One of the most famous products on the Green Roads website are their tasty CBD froggies! Besides looking adorable, these classics give the user a single dose of top-quality CBD. Great for those who need a quick pick-me-up during a hectic day, and they look just like regular sweets. You can find a variation of 25mg, 50mg, 100mg and 200mg potencies on the website – and if you want an extra buzz, you can buy Froggies Sourz for an added burst of flavor.

CBD Soothe Syrup

Have trouble sleeping? Green Roads CBD Soothe Syrups may be the product for you. They all contain a range of cannabinoids infused with melatonin – which is a natural sleep-inducing hormone.  It’s intended to be used in the evening to help you drift off into a peaceful sleep. You can find it in 3 different flavors; Strawberry, Mango and Grape. If you are interested in other products to help you sleep into sleep, you should also browse Green Roads CBD Sleepy Z’s gummies.

CBD Capsules


CBD Capsules

For a long-lasting and effective CBD buzz the Green Roads CBD Capsules should definitely be considered. The capsules are created with super simple and top-quality ingredients; phytocannabinoid Rich Oil, Safflower oil and vegetable cellulose. Currently the website only sells one bottle of capsules and each capsule contains 25mg. This is a great option for beginners if the oil seems slightly intimidating to use.

  • Green Roads CBD Oil
    CBD Oil (250mg) – $45.99
    CBD Oil (350mg) – $64.99
    CBD Oil (1000mg) – $162.99
    CBD Oil (1500mg) – $209.99
  • Green Roads CBD Terpenes
    CBD Terpenes Oil Strawberry AK Green Roads (100mg) – $37.99
    CBD Terpenes Oil Pineapple Express Green Roads (100mg) – $37.99
    CBD Terpenes Oil Sour Diesel Green Roads (100mg) – $37.99
    CBD Terpenes Oil Blueberry OG Green Roads (100mg) –$37.99
  • Green Roads CBD Daily Dose
    CBD Daily Dose Strawberry AK Terps (7mg) – $6.99
    CBD Daily Dose Formula (350mg) – $6.99
    CBD Daily Dose Formula (1500mg) – $11.99
  • Green Roads CBD Gummies
    Green Roads CBD Gummy Bears (300mg) – $54.99
  • Green Roads CBD Froggies
    Green Roads CBD Froggies (100mg) – $19.99
    Green Roads CBD Froggies (200 mg) – $29.99
  • Green Roads CBD Soothe Syrup
    CBD Soothe Syrup Strawberry Green Roads (60mg) – $29.99
    CBD Soothe Syrup Mango Green Roads (60mg) – $29.99
    CBD Soothe Syrup Grape Green Roads (60mg) – $29.99
  • Green Roads CBD Sleepy
    Green Roads CBD Sleepy Z’s (50mg) – $10.00
  • Green Roads CBD Capsules
  • Green Roads CBD Capsules (750mg) – $89.99
  • Green Roads CBD Pain Cream
    CBD Pain Cream (150mg) – $39.99
    CBD Pain Cream (300mg) – $69.99

[To browse the cost of each product, follow this link to Green Roads main website]

Final Verdict About Green Roads

Green Roads CBD truly have a product catered towards everyone, whether you are struggling to sleep, suffer from anxiety or are dealing with pain, you should be able to find something for you.

There are so many good things to say about both Green Roads CBD products, and how they operate their business. And it’s hardly luck that has made them so successful in the CBD industry. Whether that’s their devotion to develop the best CBD oil they can or their passion about the positive impact CBD could have on so many lives around the world.