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The Board of Directors and management team of Hemp Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP) have taken bold, decisive actions over the past year to shift the Company’s main direction towards the industrial hemp manufacturing industry. We know that building a strong foundation in this area will deliver higher growth and higher value for our shareholders. The upcoming completion of the decortication plant in North Carolina represents our latest and most significant step on this path.

Hemp, Inc. will have the vertical integration of hemp from field to end user solutions. The decortication line that Hemp, Inc. owns is just the start as it separates the bast from the core for use in plastic, paper, fiberboard and more. The core is further processed at the plant’s advanced milling component, generating “Lost Circulation Material” (LCM) an environmentally sound product that makes drilling safer. In addition, the core is used as a super absorption material in oil spill cleanups, and for soil and water remediation.

The company will continue to market its high quality hemp-based CBD line of cosmeceutical and nutraceutical products. The products include a spa line for body care, a sports line focused on helping injuries and joint issues, as well as health care products for the wellness industry.

As we move forward, the next generation of Hemp, Inc. is emerging as a force for progress – connecting advanced processing and manufacturing capabilities with the global marketplace to solve some of the country’s greatest challenges, partnering with companies that offer the highest quality products, and at the same time delivering outstanding results for our shareholders and customers alike.


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