Are you tired of having dry, chapped skin? Well, now you can soothe yourself with KOI organic lotion, infused with all-natural CBD. All you need to do is buy KOI Lavender CBD Lotion online or in any of their outlets.

Features of KOI Lavender CBD Lotion

In a bottle of 4.25oz which contains approximately 125 ml, this hand and body lotion is infused with natural products specifically from hemp plant. These organic extracts basically give maximum amount of healing power to your skin. KOI uses products that are grown, harvested, produced, and of course, tested in the USA. Some of the organic extracts in this product include organic coconut, organic aloe, and lavender extracts. This product has the following features:

• It is naturally made.
• Infused with CBD oil.
• Blended with organic extracts.
• It contains 0% THC.
• Has been lab-tested for quality.

Medical Conditions KOI Lavender CBD Lotion Can Deal with

Who could have thought that the restorative power of cannabinoids from the hemp plant could be infused with other organic extracts to create a skin-healing lotion? KOI CBD is at the forefront of this market; even with many competitors, KOI CBD lotion beats them all. KOI Lavender CBD Lotion has been reported to help treat the following conditions:

• Back pain: You no longer need to take pain-killers or smear ineffective pain creams across your skin. You just need this hand and body lotion to experience the relaxation you are looking for.

• Muscle pains: Sometimes, you may have engaged in exercise that your body is not used to, causing muscular pains. You can calm down those muscle pains in your legs by applying KOI Lavender CBD Lotion.

• Inflammation: There are pains that come about when a body part swells, usually due to injury. You can reduce the pains experienced from inflammation by using KOI Lavender CBD Lotion to get the relaxation and relief you need.

• Dry skin: If your skin is becoming rough and dry despite using over-the-counter lotions, you just need to stop using them and get yourself this hand and body lotion from KOI. It guarantees incredibly smooth skin with uplifting aromas.

• Fatigue: After a long day of hand work, your muscles will tend to “complain” by giving you pain. You can now lower pain levels by applying KOI Lavender CBD Lotion. This will help you get a relaxed sleep throughout the night.

A Brief Review of KOI Lavender CBD Lotion

Quality: Having been blended with various ingredients like organic aloe, organic coconut, lavender extract and CBD from hemp oil, KOI Lavender CBD Lotion has been proven to work effectively due to its quality. KOI’s products are 100% natural with 99% pure CBD, which is usually manufactured in an ISO-certified lab. This hand and body lotion is THC free; it is lab-tested for consistency, safety and purity. In other words, the quality of this product is guaranteed.

Effect: The infused cannabinoid extracts from the hemp plant are very important in making KOI Lavender CBD Lotion. For its effectiveness to be maintained, you need store it in a cool and dry place away from excess light, humidity, and heat. As a topical CBD, it has been proven to be very effective in dealing with conditions like muscle pains and soreness, back pains, joint pains, fatigue and, the most obvious, dry skin.

Price: This CBD topical comes with 200 mg of CBD and only costs $44.99. You can buy KOI Lavender CBD Lotion online, either by visiting their official website or by clicking on

Final Thoughts: If you’re looking for a real skin restorer, just go for KOI Lavender CBD Lotion.

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