If you are looking for a full spectrum CBD oil tincture for sale, then Premium Jane is the best place to buy such a product. Their mint flavored CBD tincture pretty much sells itself.

Features of the Mint CBD Tincture

Without the flavor being overwhelming, the fresh peppermint allows easy sublingual delivery to occur while still maintaining full potency and vitality of the CBD oil. Here are some other features of the mint CBD tincture;

· Has fresh mint flavor
· Sourced from 100% organic Oregon hemp
· Non-GMO
· Free from any chemicals and heavy metals
· Non-intoxicating hemp formula
· Lab tested for safety, purity and potency

Medical Conditions That Can Be Helped by This Mint CBD Tincture

The mint CBD tincture from Premium Jane has been taken through rigorous lab tests and has shown great potential in handling the following health issues;

· Chronic pain: Conventional pain treatment options such as opioids usually have side effects which most consumers don’t envy. CBD is an excellent alternative medication for pain without any negative side effects. It treats different types of headaches such as cluster headaches and migraines. It also acts on other chronic pains such as that from arthritis. An added advantage of CBD oil is that it also acts upon the underlying cause for the pain.

· Nausea: A study suggests that CBD has a nausea suppressing effect. This is great news for cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy. One of the side effects of chemotherapy is feeling nausea which can be inhibited by the mint CBD tincture.

· Sleep disorders: There are a number of reasons why one would lack sleep and CBD is the best remedy for these disorders. Some people can’t sleep due to pain, and as previously stated, CBD is useful for eliminating such pains, allowing you to sleep better. CBD also has a calming effect on the brain – a calm and peaceful mind equals a peaceful night’s sleep.

· Depression: Many over-the-counter antidepressants come along with an array of side effects, which negatively affect majority of consumers. CBD has antidepressant effects, making it the most preferred alternative. Research shows that CBD could have the ability to influence the serotonin receptors in the brain.

· Cardiovascular disease: Research has shown that could be able to CBD protect against vascular damages caused by high sugar intake, inflammation, or diabetes in animal models. It also proved to reduce the vascular hyperpermeability associated with those environments.

A Review of Full Spectrum Mint CBD Oil Tincture

Quality: The full spectrum mint tincture from Premium Jane is sourced from legal industrial hemp grown on the organic farms in the United States. Their tincture oil is also extracted using low temperature CO2 extraction methods unlike other solvents. The additional mint ingredient can soothe the stomach in case of ingestion among other health benefits. The full spectrum mint CBD oil tincture formula uses MCT oil to infuse the active cannabidiol compound.

Effects: This CBD does not only just stand out due to its sweet taste, but also due to its potency and effectiveness. It acts significantly faster than other traditional healing methods and has a wide array of illnesses it assists in curbing.

Price: The mint CBD tincture for sale can be bought online from the Premium Jane website at only $54 for a 300 mg CBD tincture and $135 for a 1000 mg CBD tincture.

Final thoughts: Mint has long been used as a remedy for many ailments, especially where relaxation is concerned. Mixing mint with CBD brings out far-reaching results.

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