Premium Jane is one of those rare companies that likes to fly under the radar and let the quality of their products do the talking for them. You won’t see them doing major advertisements, and you probably won’t see them (at least we hope not) doing gimmicky YouTube videos or drumming up Twitter wars just to increase their exposure.

In fact, if our Premium Jane review accomplished one thing for us, it’s that this small California company puts quality, safety, and effectiveness above all else. They don’t sell a massive range of range of products, but we believe that the CBD products they do sell are genuinely some of the finest in the USA. Let’s take a closer look.

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About Premium Jane

As we said, unless you really know your stuff, there’s a good chance you’ve never even heard of Premium Jane before. They’ve actually only been around since early 2018, but even in this short amount of time they’ve shown that they belong among the upper echelon of CBD industry kingpins.

As they point out on their website, Premium Jane spares no expense in sourcing the purest and most potent CBD-rich strains of industrial hemp in the USA. Moreover, they also laboratory test each and every one of their products for safety, CBD content, and for the absence of dangerous chemicals, solvent residues, pesticides, and heavy metals.

All Premium Jane CBD products are grown from organic industrial hemp strains in the fertile soil of rural Oregon, and are legal to ship to all 50 states given the verified THC content of less than 0.2%.

Premium Jane CBD Oil Review

Like most quality CBD brands, it became clear during our Premium Jane review that the company’s flagship product is their oral CBD tinctures. These are full-spectrum oils that are designed to be administered sublingually (under the tongue), and they contain a complete range of active therapeutic hemp compounds including terpenes, phytocannabinoids, Omega-3 and 6 acids, and essential oils and nutrients.

They currently offer oils in three different potencies (300, 600, and 1000mg) for a range of therapeutic uses, as well as three different flavors (Citrus, Mint, and Natural Hemp). Depending on potency, prices range from $54 to $135.


What conditions does Premium Jane CBD oil help treat?

Like any high-quality full-spectrum hemp extract, Premium Jane CBD oil has been used to help treat anxiety, mild-to-moderate chronic pain, insomnia (and other sleep issues), migraine headaches, depression, and simple day-to-day stress. For more severe disorders such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, etc, most would recommend a medicinal cannabis tincture that has more potent levels of THC.

Premium Jane CBD Capsules

Premium Jane CBD capsules are essentially the same product as their world-class CBD oils, albeit in capsule form. What’s the difference, you may be wondering?

Well, some people prefer not to have to deal with placing drops under their tongue and waiting 60+ seconds before swallowing, and/or some prefer to not have to taste the somewhat “earthy” flavor of the the raw hemp extract.

CBD capsules are a convenient way to get your daily cannabidiol dose, and Premium Jane products are precisely dosed to contain right around 25mg CBD per capsule – a healthy dose that can be used to help with a wide range of ailments ($83).

What conditions do Premium Jane CBD capsules help treat?

Since the actual oil inside of a Premium Jane capsule is virtually the same formula as the oral tincture, CBD capsules can be used to help with the same range of ailments; specifically, they are most commonly used for anxiety, mild pain, and sleep aid. Premium Jane capsules are available in jars of 30, and contain 25mg CBD per capsule.

Premium Jane CBD Topical Lotion

For acute therapy, skin care, and mild joint pain, Premium Jane manufactures a top-class CBD-infused topical lotion that is lab-tested to be free from pesticides, solvents, chemical fertilizers and other contaminants.

Most customers use the lotion to help relieve mild arthritic/joint pain by applying directly to the affected area, but many have said that it works well on rashes, skin breakouts, and even as a daily therapeutic moisturizer. Premium Jane CBD lotions come in 2 oz jars and contain 600mg ($80).

What conditions does Premium Jane CBD oil help treat?

As we mentioned, topical lotions are typically most often used for joint pain and general skin care, as it allows you the opportunity to apply the active CBD compound directly to the affected area, rather than administering it into the bloodstream and waiting for desired effects.

Premium Jane CBD Gummies

Premium Jane CBD gummies are the only product in the Premium Jane lineup that are made from CBD isolate, meaning they are 100% THC-free. This means they would be a good option for individuals who may be worried about routine drug testing, as even trace amounts of THC can possible show up on cannabis drug tests.

Given that the gummies contain 25mg of CBD each, though, this product is not to be taken lightly; 25mg is a decent serving for any cannabis patient, and Premium Janem gummies are designed to put therapy first, and taste second (even though they honestly do taste amazing).

What conditions does Premium Jane CBD gummies help treat?

CBD gummies are typically favored by those who like to be discreet about their CBD use; many people take them and use them at work or university to help relieve day-to-day stress and anxiety, while others prefer to take one in the evening before bed for a calm, relaxing night’s sleep.

Gummies come in bottles of 20, with each gummy containing a potent 25mg of CBD ($35).

How to Purchase Premium Jane products

Premium Jane is available in very few select California-based retailers, but the vast majority of customers will want to order through the company’s official online store, which can be found at

Premium Jane offers a generous 30-day return policy if you are not please with their products, and as we said earlier, they are able to conveniently (and legally) ship to all 50 U.S. states since their products are designed from low-THC industrial hemp, rather than cannabis.
Premium Jane CBD Oil Review: Final Thoughts
All in all, we can confidently say that our Premium Jane review showed us this company is one of the most legitimate in all of the U.S. CBD industry; not only is their complete product range potent and effective, but the company makes an effort to offer full transparency and lab testing, while still maintaining a practical and affordable price point.

A highly recommended CBD company that we would suggest for anyone who is serious about incorporating the benefits of cannabidiol into their day-to-day lifestyles.

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10% coupon code: 10OFFCBD1