In this review, we will take a close look at PureKana’s CBD Capsules and see how they rate with regards to their quality, effects and price.


• Certified organic product
• Non-GMO and no chemicals used in growing process
• Suitable treatment for a wide range of problems
• Less than 0.02% THC, meaning no psychoactive effects
• Laboratory tested to guarantee legality, safety and potency

What are they suitable treatment for?

The active ingredient in these capsules is hemp cannabidiol (CBD). The latest scientific research suggests that CBD may be a suitable treatment for a wide variety of medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, pain, stress relief, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia, inflammation and more. PureKana list all of these previously stated conditions as suitable for treatment with the CBD products on their website. Furthermore, research has shown how CBD works by calming the immune system and suggests it could be effective against disorders linked to the immune system in any way.
It is important to note that CBD is not a miracle cure for everything and you should be wary of any brand that claims this. PureKana does NOT claim this, suggesting they are a company who can be trusted.

Who are PureKana?

PureKana has built up their reputation among the CBD community as one of the most reliable producers of hemp CBD treatments, with a series of high quality and wide-ranging releases. They are well on the way to achieving their mission statement of leading the hemp CBD marketplace and helping to educate the world to hemp CBD’s health benefits.
Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, they have strived to ensure that the PureKana brand is a signifier of quality. Their hemp is produced using no herbicides, chemical based fertilizers or pesticides. It is completely non-GMO. Due to these high growing standards, PureKana products are certified organic. They even take it further than this, using third-party laboratories to test their products so customers can be 100% confident that they are safe and legal. This process ensures their treatments are legal across every state in the US.
PureKana produces many different types of CBD-based treatments. They offer oils in various strengths and flavors, sprays, powders and several delicious edible options including peanut butter and gummies. They don’t limit their treatments to only two-legged creatures either, offering a range of pet-friendly products for your four-legged friends. This article will be looking at their CBD capsules. We will take a look at how effective they are, so please read on for the full lowdown….

What is the quality of the capsules?

The capsules arrive in packaging featuring PureKana’s fabulous looking black and blue combination branding. As always, PureKana can be relied on to make their products look cool and sophisticated. The container would definitely make a fly addition to any medicine cabinet. The capsules themselves look like any other oil-based capsule and go down with the same ease too. The recommended dosage is one pill, and I wash it down with a gulp of water. Capsules such as this are probably the simplest way to ingest CBD; you don’t have to mess about with holding oil drops in your mouth or eat anything. You simply pop a pill, swallow it down and let nature take its course. This does not mean they are any less effective though.
Each pill contains 25mg of hemp CBD, which makes them fairly potent. As with all PureKana, this CBD is of the very highest quality. It comes from hemp grown on family-run farms in hemp friendly countries. As we detailed earlier, PureKana goes to great lengths to ensure that no unnatural chemicals are used when growing the hemp, so their products are all non-GMO and organic. All of their treatments are also quality checked by external laboratories to ensure correct potency and legality. These laboratories also quality check the very soil that the hemp is grown in, too. PureKana does all of this so that you can be certain of the quality of their products, and these capsules are no different. What you are getting is a top quality hemp CBD product.
One thing to note is that, as these capsules are soft gels, they may soften and possibly even melt in hotter climates. In rare circumstances, this may even happen during delivery. If you live in a warm climate, it may be wise to choose an alternative CBD treatment; PureKana recommends their oil tinctures as a great alternative.

What effect do the capsules have?

I took one capsule, and after a short while, the effects started to kick in. My anxiety subsided substantially and my general mood became much less depressed. I felt very calm and chilled out with no worries bothering me. This lasted a good few hours until I went to bed, where I fell to sleep very quickly with no troubles at all. As well as these positive effects on my mood, the capsules also made my knee joint pain completely manageable and I was able to get around with no problems or pain. This was wonderful, as sometimes my pain can be quite debilitating.
As they are made using hemp CBD the capsules could also be an effective treatment for a wide range of other ailments including stress relief, diabetes, insomnia, arthritis and inflammation. Another benefit of using hemp CBD is that it ensures there are no psychoactive effects given from the pills. Hemp only contains very small amounts of CBD, and the laboratory tests these capsules go through ensure that the THC levels in them never exceed 0.02%. THC is what gives cannabis plants their psychoactive effects and, with a level that minuscule, there is no chance of any being created by the capsules. It also means they are well below the levels needed to ensure legality.


When purchased from PureKana’s website, the capsules cost $83 for a tub. For that price, you get 30 capsules that contain 25mg of CBD oil in each. The suggested dosage is one pill at a time and that should be enough for most people, as they are very potent. I would class myself as an experienced CBD user and one capsule was enough for me to feel the effects. The price is high for these capsules but you really do get what you pay for. In terms of a simple and effective way to take your CBD, you cannot get any better than this. It is such a quick and easy process to just pop a pill quickly compared to other ways of consuming CBD such as oil drops or edibles. It would also be so easy to add it into your daily routine, as it is so quick. As with all PureKana products, you are getting market-leading quality. All capsules they sell have been quality tested, so you know they are just as good as they should be. They may be a bit more expensive than other options, but they are some of the best CBD-based products I have ever used.

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