This review sizes up PureKana’s Lemon Lime Pure Picks, which are their CBD-coated toothpicks. They are a novel way of getting your CBD hit, but will they prove to be the pick of the bunch?


· CBD-infused toothpicks
· Lemon and lime flavor
· 25mg CBD per pick, with 10 picks per pack, giving a total of 250mg CBD
· Zero solvents and quick CBD uptake
· No psychoactive side effects

What medical conditions can they be used for?

The toothpicks are infused with cannabidiol (CBD) which is one of the main active ingredients in cannabis. Scientific research suggests that CBD is a suitable treatment for a whole range of disorders such as anxiety, diabetes, depression, inflammation, nerve pain, stress relief, insomnia, and more. One of CBD’s effects on the body is to calm the immune system, so there is scientific reason to believe that CBD could be a helpful treatment for any disorder linked to the immune system. Research carried out so far supports this theory.

As these toothpicks feature 25mg of CBD per pick, I would suggest they would be an ideal treatment for anxiety, stress relief, insomnia and depression in that they should enhance your mood. Their effects can be felt all over the body, making them a good treatment for acute pains too. More serious conditions would require a higher dosage. For example, a child who suffers from frequent seizures typically requires around 300mg of CBD, which would be 12 of these toothpicks. In situations such as this, they would not be suitable treatment and we would advise you to look at other CBD options with higher measurements.

Who are PureKana?

Founded in 2017 by Cody Alt and Jeff Yauck, PureKana is a company with lofty ambitions. They are aiming for PureKana to be recognized as industry leaders when it comes to bringing hemp CBD-based products to the market. They are also educators, looking to further teach the world about the benefits of hemp-derived CBD.

They are well on the way to achieving this, and the reason is that they consistently release some of the best CBD products available. Their hemp mainly comes from Kentucky, but there is no secret recipe used on the plants as they are very strict on their non-GMO policy, using absolutely no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or solvents. As much as is physically possible, they go the natural, organic route.

Their range of products is exceptional in its quality and also its variety. They offer a number of different ways for you to get your CBD goodness including flavored oils, capsules, topicals, gummy bears and more. They even have a pets range so your friends of the cute and furry variety can get in on the CBD action too. In this review, we will be looking at one of the more different and innovative ways to consume CBD-infused toothpicks.

While PureKana has certainly proved to be the pick of the bunch when it comes to CBD brands so far, how will their Pure Picks stack up? Will they be leaving me with a toothy grin, or do they need time in the dentist’s chair for improvement? Read on to find out…

How do the Pure Picks rate for quality?

The Pure Picks come in a nice bright blue tube featuring clear labeling, so you can see exactly what you are getting and the strength of the toothpicks. It is a small and discreet tube that fits easily in your pocket or bag, taking up very little space – perfect to take with you on your daily activities and get your CBD hit whenever and wherever you need it. The picks themselves are identical to any other regular toothpick in how they look, meaning you could use them in public without having people stare and wonder what you were doing. All in all, a good start from the Pure Picks.

You may wonder how you actually use CBD-infused toothpicks. Obviously, you can use them like you would use a regular toothpick, which is handy for any stray food that might have snuggled its way in-between your teeth, and they work just as well as any other toothpicks here. Full marks in the keeping up your winning smile department. For the CBD effects though, you just have to suck on the ends. What happens is your mouth uptakes the pure Phytocannibinoid Rich Oil (PCR) sublingually (under the tongue). This allows the CBD to instantly enter your bloodstream via the vessel-rich tissues found in the sublingual cavity.
I tried one and the Pure Picks delicious flavor hit me instantly. They are a delightful mixture of lemon and lime flavors, a classic combination. My mouth is also overtaken with a wonderful tingling sensation all over. This is caused because the picks are infused with spilanthes. Spilanthes is a herb which causes your mouth to produce more saliva, which increases the properties of the picks, speeding up the delivery of the ingredients and increasing the absorption. After around 20 minutes, I swap around the ends of the pick and carry on sucking. I can feel the tingle and taste the flavor for a full 45 minutes, which is really long-lasting. After the flavor has gone, I give the pick a little chew, which releases the absolute last of the oil for the full effects.

One of the reasons that PureKana are such a well-regarded brand is because they go to great lengths to ensure the quality of the CBD used in their products. As well as using a natural growing process for the hemp, they employ the superior CO2 extraction method to obtain their hemp seed oil. All of their products are also put through their paces by a team of top-level independent scientists to ensure the quality and safety. This means you can be fully confident in what you are buying from PureKana. It will always be a top quality CBD product that contains exactly the measurements it states on the label. The Pure Picks are no exception. The PCR crystal isolates used here have been certified with a 99% or higher purity by these independent scientists and contain zero solvents. They are of an exceptional quality.

What are the effects of the Pure Picks?

It takes around 20 minutes before the effects of the Pure Picks start to kick in. A relaxed feeling started to wash over me. My anxiety calmed down significantly and my mood became generally a lot more calm and cheerful. Within 45 minutes, I felt the full effects. It is a very nice feeling which lasts a good few hours. I suffer from pain in my knee joints which can make my life a nightmare. The pain was not cured, but it declined significantly, becoming much more manageable than it normally is. Later that evening, when it came for me to go to bed, I instantly fell asleep and slept undisturbed until morning, where I felt very refreshed.

The active ingredient in the toothpicks is CBD. CBD has been shown to be an effective treatment for a whole host of different conditions. These include arthritis, anxiety, depression, inflammation, acute and chronic pain, diabetes, insomnia, stress relief and many more. It is possible that these toothpicks would help with all of these conditions. The dosage of 25mg of CBD per pick means they may not be suitable for some conditions, however, such as helping to prevent seizures. This is because the amount of CBD required for conditions such as these would have to be a lot higher. A child who suffers from seizures would typically require around 300mg of CBD for treatment, which is more than the entire packet of these picks.

Pure Picks contain absolutely zero THC. This means that, although the CBD is derived from hemp cannabis plants, there are no psychoactive side effects at all. THC is the active ingredient in cannabis plants that give it its psychoactive effects that people describe as being “high.” Simply put, with no THC there is nothing to give you this “high” feeling. Due to their THC level of zero, the toothpicks are completely legal in all states of America.

How does the price compare?

PureKana charges $29.00 for a packet of the Lemon Lime Pure Picks. For this, you receive 10 individual picks which have a strength of 25mg each for a total of 250mg per packet. This makes them one of the strongest CBD-infused toothpicks available on the market, with weaker picks only containing 10mg of CBD per pick. Their taste also lasts for an extended period of time, clocking in at 45 minutes. When you combine all of this with PureKana’s trademark fantastically high quality, the Pure Picks are a real bargain; a quality, best-on-market CBD product at a low price.

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