In this review, we take a look at PureKana’s CBD Gummies.

Will these delicious looking edibles live up to PureKana’s high reputation? Let’s find out…

PureKana Features:

• Vegan suitable and GMO-free
• THC free, so no psychoactive effects
• Range of delicious flavors
• Can help you relax and treat a range of ailments
• Laboratory tested to ensure safety, legality and quality

What are the PureKana CBD Gummies suitable for?

PureKana state on their website that these gummies are designed primarily to help you relax and unwind after a long day, meaning they should be an effective stress relief treatment.
As they contain CBD, they may also be a suitable treatment for a wide range of medical ailments including arthritis, chronic and acute pain, insomnia, inflammation, diabetes, anxiety and more. CBD predominantly works on calming the immune system, so they may be useful for any ailment linked to this system.

Who is PureKana?

Based in sunny California, PureKana consistently release some of the best CBD products available on the market. Their brand is one that is synonymous with quality and they have worked hard for that recognition. Their CBD products are all made using the finest quality hemp grown in a fully organic manner. This means no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides used, and a completely non-GMO end product for the consumer. Everything they produce is subject to rigorous external testing so they can safely guarantee the quality and legality of all their products.
PureKana’s mission is to be recognized as the leaders of the hemp CBD product industry – the go-to company for all your CBD needs. They are doing this by producing a wide-ranging choice of products for users, including sprays, oils, pill capsules and more. Today, we are going to be looking at a product from their exciting and innovative edibles line: their CBD Vegan Gummies. These vegan gummy bears would not look out of place in your local candy store, but they are not your ordinary sweet treat! They are packed full of CBD goodness, but do they live up to PureKana’s high standards? In the next section, we find out.

What is the Quality of the PureKana Gummies?

The gummies come in a glass jar with a slick, futuristic black labeling which looks very cool and classy. A jar like this wouldn’t look out of place on the shelf of a candy store from outer space. The label clearly states exactly what ingredients were used making the edibles. As is to be expected with a company who prides themselves on being fully organic in everything they do, all the ingredients are natural. Even the candies different colors come from natural sources such as fruit juices and turmeric. It is impressive to see that, even when it comes to candy, PureKana does not compromise on their 100% organic ethos.

In terms of the appearance of what’s inside the jar, the gummies certainly look the part. They are in the shape of the gummy bears we all used to love as a kid. It is a fun and playful appearance for an edible. With a rainbow of different colored bears in each jar, and all of them sugar coated, one glance is enough to get your taste buds racing and had me craving a taste. When I popped one in my mouth, I was not disappointed. The gummies are amazingly tasty, with a strong fruity flavor spreading across my mouth. They were also a little bit chewy, which I liked a lot. It was definitely a more enjoyable experience than squirting and holding bitter oil in your mouth. All in all, a super snack. I would be eating them even without their health benefits!

In terms of the CBD contained in them, it is definitely of the highest standard. All PureKana products are produced using only the very best hemp, with no nasty chemicals used at any stage of the growing process. They even have scientists test the quality of the soil their plants are grown in. Those same scientists also test all PureKana products to ensure they are exactly what the company says they are in terms of quality. These tests guarantee that the customer is getting exactly what it says on the label.

As for their strength, don’t let their sweet and sugary appearance fool you, these are strong edibles! Each gummy bear has 25mg of CBD with a total of 500mg CBD in each jar. The recommended dosage is just one gummy at a time, and this might be a bit high for a beginner. If this is your first experience with CBD products or you are still fairly new to them, you may want to go further than that and perhaps only try a half, as these are super potent. If, like me, you have tried a fair few CBD products in the past, one is more than enough to start to feel the effects.

For those interested in purchasing these gummies, it is also important to point out the label clearly states that the gummies are packed in the same facility as tree nuts, peanuts, soy, wheat and milk products. This means they may not be suitable if you have allergies to any of those ingredients.

What Effects do They Have?

A short while after trying a gummy bear, I started to feel the effects. I started to feel really relaxed which was very pleasant. Along with my mellow feeling, my anxiety started to calm down too, which was great. All in all, I had quite a nice, chilled out mood for a good few hours after and had no trouble at all in getting to sleep that night. I could see how they would be the perfect tonic for after a long, hard day’s work – great if you just want to unwind. On top of this, my joint pain in my knees subsided too; it was definitely more manageable after eating the gummy. I only stuck with the recommended one gummy dosage, but I think that if I had taken another, my pain would have been pretty much unnoticeable. Seeing how CBD is the active ingredient, the gummies would also have an effect for sufferers of a range of different conditions including arthritis, diabetes, inflammation and more.

There were none of the effects that you would associate with being “high” from these edibles. This is because the CBD in the gummies is extracted from hemp plants as opposed to marijuana. In cannabis plants, THC is the psychoactive ingredient which makes users feel “high.” Hemp is part of the cannabis family, but the plant only contains very, very small amounts of THC. With the way PureKana make these gummies, they manage to eliminate even these small amounts of THC from the product altogether, meaning the gummies are pretty much completely THC free. PureKana employs third-party scientists to ensure this is always the case. With no THC, there is no high from the gummies. In fact, I personally did not have any bad side effects and my experience with the gummies was wholly positive.

PureKana Gummy Price

A jar of the gummies costs $35 (recently reduced from $38) on the PureKana website. Each gummy contains 25mg each and, if you stick to the recommended dosage, this works out at 20 servings. You really should not need to exceed the recommended dosage as they are very potent edibles. This works out as a mid-range price for edible CBD products. The cost is higher than some other brands gummies, but it is worth it as PureKana goes to extreme lengths to ensure their products are of the very best quality, and you can tell. These gummies are definitely among the best I have ever tried in terms of quality and effects, so they are more than worth paying a little bit more for.

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